Table of electromagnetic unit conversions

The following table converts traditional electromagnetic units into equivalent natural units of length, mass, and time.

EM unitSymbolConversionMKS units
coulombC2.874 495 x 10-26s
ampereA2.874 495 x 10-26dimensionless
voltV3.478 872 x 1025kgm2s-3
teslaT3.478 872 x 1025kgs-2
weberWb3.478 871 x 1025kgm2s-2
ohm\Omega1.210 255 x 1051kgm2s-3
henryH1.210 255 x 1051kgm2s-2
faradF8.262 723 x 10-52s4kg-1m-2
siemenS8.262 720 x 10-52s3kg-1m-2